Get Your Quirk On: Jewels Made From Milk


Now, I know there are some of you out there looking for a wacky last-minute gift this holiday season…and that extends into the New Year too. Did you know that in the early 20th century, milk was used to make a variety of plastic ornaments, including jewelry? Yup. The lactose intolerant might recognize the name of a milk protein—casein—as something to avoid when picking out something as simple as a loaf of bread. However, it’s also a binding agent used in a variety of non-edibles that we use every day. The buttery-yellow gems above are made from 100% local, organic, grass-fed cow’s milk (whole milk from Snowville Creamery, to be exact). Columbus-based creatives Katie and Ben Harben are always tinkering with some new project and these milk earring molds are their latest. Each formaldehyde-free piece is perfectly imperfect, with speckles and textures that will remind you where they came from…nature. Find a variety of shapes, as well as Katie’s lovely crochet necklaces in her November 16 shop on Etsy. Who doesn’t love a conversation piece? Well, folks who also hate fun, that’s who.

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