Hi.  Greetings from Columbus, Ohio…biggest small town I know.

Who writes this blog?

Although I’ve been referred to as “they”, I can assure you I’m not one of them. My bio elsewhere on the web currently reads something like: Napkin Doodler, Designer, Picture Snapper. IL Native living with my husband and WiFi in the middle of OH. Opinions are only my own unless indicated otherwise. You can find me on Instagram @modestpomp, my other Tumblr at modestpomp.tumblr.com, and my illustration & design portfolio at  modestpomp.com.

Why did you start this blog?

I had a backlog of pictures and needed somewhere to put them.  Columbus, Ohio isn’t widely regarded as the most exciting destination, but I’ve always felt that in order to find fascinating things (and stay sane) you have to want them, search for them anywhere and be okay with knowing what you find may be lost again. This Tumblr began as a way to share that with anyone who stumbled upon this little slice of the web.

Here’s a little feature in Columbus Alive about the blog.

Do you promote events?

Sorry, I don’t do requests. Chances are if I post something event-driven, I was there on a whim with my camera, am infatuated with something in the present or totally inspired by something in the past. Most other posts are created at random.

Can you describe Columbus in a single statement?

Square footage for less.


Yes. But this is also a really nice place to rest your head, build something new, make an impact on the community, prepare for bigger things. It’s a good spot to plant your whims and reflect on the past. If you want to know what it’s like to live somewhere that is perpetually stuck between a small town and a big city, please refer to the opening narration of the Twilight Zone Season One—or move here.

Do you really love Columbus?

You love your family, yeah? Sometimes you can’t stand them, right?
I think you get the picture.

Thanks for reading!